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Dr Shamsher Singh Eye Hospital
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Charitable Clinic

Every Tuesday, Every Friday 12.00 Noon to 2:00pm
- Token Registration ₹ 10/- (goes into the charity collection Box)
- Consultation Fee ₹ 0/-
- Other Tests & Surgeries : Subsidised / free (depends from patient to patient)

* Terms & Conditions Apply

We Are Here


This is an anecdote of those days when there were not many eye surgeons around and eye surgeries were not daycare surgeries as they are these days. For example, after a cataract surgery, patients stayed in the hospitals from five to seven days. Dr Shamsher Singh’s Hospital was a 100 bedded hospital but there were many times when the overflow of patients would require extra temporary tents to be erected in the hospital grounds. Surgery cases usually were kept away from infected cases like those of corneal ulcers.

That day, I had just comeback from the hostel and my father, late Dr Shamsher Singh had just finished with a long surgery list and a even longer out patients list. He asked my mum and me to stay ready to go to Ludhiana as he was exhausted and wanted to get away from any more work. We waited in the car as he finished his last couple of cases and sat in the driver’s seat. He had driven barely a couple of feet when an oldish looking man with a stick in hand threw himself on the car bonnet and said, “Doctor, I am having a lot of eye pain. Do something for it.” My dad stopped the car and got out of the car and said to the patient. ” I have already seen you and given you treatment. What else do you want me to do? You should go to your bed.” I thought, very unlike him, he seemed a bit harsh on the patient. It only indicated to us that he was really finished with his patience after such a long tiring day. The old man got to one side. My dad sat in the car and we were on our way.

No one spoke a word for about a couple of miles. Then suddenly my dad stopped the car and turned it around and we were back home which was in the hospital premises. Still no words and he got out of the car and walked towards the hospital. I followed him just few steps behind.

After a while I found myself in a tent where corneal ulcer patients were admitted. He looked for that old man who was in pain. The old man was lying on a bed with his arm wrapped around his eyes and face. My dad sat on his head side and spoke. ” Baba ji, is the pain really bad? I have already given you all the medicines I could. The only other thing I can do for you right now is massage your head. Let me do it for you.” I stood at the foot end of the bed over the next fifteen minutes or so, witness to something which I would carry with me through out my life.



Birth Anniversary


Guest Lecture in Malaysia

Dr Sarbjit Singh, consultant ophthalmologist at Dr Shamsher Singh Eye Hospital, Khanna, Punjab, India was invited to deliver a guest lecture at Melaka – Manipal Medical College, Malaysia on August 15, 2017. The topic was “Lasers in Ophthalmology” About 250, medical students attended this interactive one and a half hour lecture. The faculty present were Professor Dr Soumendra Sahoo (Head of Eye Department), Professor Dr Rajiv Gupta and Professor Dr Prabhu, all from MMMC.


Manipal Medical College Melaka

Manipal Medical College Melaka

Manipal Medical College Melaka

Manipal Medical College Melaka


Manipal Medical College Melaka

Guest Lecture by Dr Sarbjit Singh (SlideShow)


Free Eye Check Up Day

Free Eye Check up day Banner
In keeping up with our social responsibility, we at Dr Shamsher Singh Eye Hospital, through Dr Shamsher Singh Charitable Trust (Regd), are holding a Free Eye Check-up day. Medicines shall be given free in most cases. We’ll be concentrating more on looking for diseases like Glaucoma (kala motia) and Eye Complications of Diabetes (Diabetic Retinopathy). These disease take long to cause symptoms and there lies the reason why the can be disastrous and can cause irreversible blindness.  Patients who need cataract surgery shall also be picked up. The surgery shall be on no financial profit basis. Those who can’t afford, even free surgeries shall be done in case to case basis

Dr Sarbjit Singh


Late Dr Shamsher Singh’s Birth Anniversary 

Today happens to be Late Dr Shamsher Singh’s birthday. This picture was taken on a day he was doing a free eye camp in Ludhiana. There was a Rotary function on the same day in Ludhiana. When mother Teresa found out about it, she asked to meet the doctor who was doing the free service and she came to visit the camp site to meet the doctor. On her left is Late BrijMohan Munjal, the one who started Hero Cycles and later the Hero Group. (Dr Shamsher Singh, with a white turban, is on the left in the picture)

Dr Sarbjit Singh 


Inauguration of Padam Shri Dr Daljit Singh Hall

DrShamsherDrDaljit SinghInauguration of Padam Shri Dr Daljit Singh Hall

On Sunday the 7th August 2016,  at Dr Shamsher Singh Eye Hospital, Khanna (Punjab)(India), a lecture cum conference hall dedicated and named after Padam Shri Dr Daljit Singh of Daljit Singh Eye Hospital, Amritsar was inaugurated.

Dr Ranbir Singh inaugurating the hallDr Ranbir Singh of Apex Hospital Jalandhar cut the ribbon on the occasion. Dr Harleen Kaur of Apex Hospital, Jalandhar lighted the ceremonial lamp. Professor TL Bahiya, Professor KK Sharma, Principal KS Jhanji, Advocate JK Verma, Dr Ajit Singh, Professor Darshan Singh, Advocate Manjit Singh Sahota, Dr NS Sodhi and Dr Harmeet Singh Sodhi spoke on the occasion.

Dr Sarbjit Singh of Dr Shamsher Singh Eye hospital gave a presentation on the purpose of the lecture cum conference Dr Harleen Kaur with Dr Sarbjit Singhhall. He talked about the importance of educating the general public in matters of health issues in general and eye conditions in particular. He emphasised the need to reach out to the general public to explain about preventive eye checkups specially for irreversible blinding eye diseases like diabetic retinopathy and Glaucoma (kala motia)

Dr Sarbjit Singh further said that Dr Daljit Singh hall shall be used for interactive sessions about health related issues with groups of people from various walks of life e.g. Teachers , lawyers, employees of the municipal
committee Khanna, pharmacists, opticians etc. The hall shall also Dr Sarbjit Singhbe used for Continuing Medical Education programs (CME) for health care professionals and for teaching students of 1 year diploma in Ophthalmic technician course provided by Dr Shamsher Singh Eye Hospital.

At the end of the function, Dr C.M. Singh, on behalf of the staff and administration thanked all who spared their valuable time to join in on the inaugural ceremony.


Ms Sharon Dhillon Hospital Admin                                                              Dr CM Singh
Ms Sherinderjit Kaur Hospital Admin
Mr Shamcharanjit Singh Hospital Admin


Follow These Six Easy Tips for Eye Health |


Follow These Six Easy Tips for Eye Health


  1. See Your Doctor Regularly
  2. Protect Your Eyes
  3. Eat Well To Protect Your Eyesight
  4. Using Computers? Follow 20-20-20 Rule
  5. Say No to Smoking
  6. Keep your Mind and Body Healthy

* 20-20-20 Rule : After using computers for 20 minutes, look at a distance beyond 20 feet for 20 seconds
Dr Shamsher Singh Eye Hospital
Khanna Punjab India


Happy Independence Day | Discounts

dsseh-logoHappy Independence Day 

Indian FlagWishing all Indians a very happy 69th Independence Day. On this occasion DSSEH announces discounts on eye surgeries to be done from August 15,2015 till August 31,2015. Call +91 1628 507079 from 9:00am till 2:00pm for details.

Dr Sarbjit Singh


Addition of “Centurion” Phacoemulsification Vision System

Addition of “Centurion” Phacoemulsification Vision System

Keeping with our endeavour to provide the latest innovations in ophthalmology to our patients we have started using the ALCON Centurion Vision Phacoemulsification System for cataract removal and intra-ocular lens implantaion. We are committed to move “Forwards  & Upwards” in the field of Ophthalmology.

Centurion Vision System Phaco


3D OCT, FFA & Fundus Photography

3D OCT, FFA & Fundus Photography

3D-OCT-FFA-Fundus Photography