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Dr Shamsher Singh Eye Hospital
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Charitable Clinic

Every Tuesday, Every Friday 12.00 Noon to 2:00pm
- Token Registration ₹ 10/- (goes into the charity collection Box)
- Consultation Fee ₹ 0/-
- Other Tests & Surgeries : Subsidised / free (depends from patient to patient)

* Terms & Conditions Apply

We Are Here

Contact Lenses

The contact lens is a plastic film which floats in front of the cornea on a thin film of tear. It corrects refractive errors of the eye. It is applied onto the eyes in the morning and removed at night.

It has several advantages over spectacles

The patient will have a wider field of view with contact lens. There will not be any steaming. There is no restriction of activity while using contact lens. Patients with high power glasses will have better and sharper vision with contact lens.

Disadvantages of contact lens

Once the Contact Lens are placed over the eyes, there will be increased tearing, lid irritation, excessive blinking. It is a matter of getting used to an unaccustomed set of sensations. By the end of one week the contact lens wearer is usually no longer aware of the lenses on his eye except when he thinks about it.

About the only real disadvantage in wearing contact lenses is the process of getting used to them. Once the wearer has become accustomed to all day use of contact lenses, he will find it difficult to name any disadvantage of importance.

Care of your Contact Lens

  • Cleanliness cannot be over emphasized. Always wash your hands before putting on or taking off the Contact Lens.
  • Do not rub your eyes when Contact Lens is in your eyes.
  • When in doubt about anything contact us immediately.
  • Insert the Contact Lens before shaving or applying facial creams or make-up.
  • Remove contact lens before removing make-up.
  • You can use a pencil eye liner. Apply it just above the upper lashes and just below the lower lashes. Never apply eyeliner to the inside rim of the eye.